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  • How to customize Google AdWords for a non-profit organization

    In this article you will learn how to get the biggest benefits using Google AdWords adverts and why this is the only right way of working.

    I often make contextual advertising for fund. Once staff members of one of the non-profit organization asked me how their organization’s Google AdWords advert was working and why.

    My aim is to explain these algorithms so that every volunteer understands why it works like this.

    How the AdWords advert works

    Don’t skip this item, because you won’t understand next piece of information otherwise.

    People search for answers to the questions in Google. For example, they might search for:

    green bicycle buy

    If a bicycle shop has green bicycles in stock it advertises itself for this search using Google AdWords.

    The shop pays Google for ability to make its website on top of the searching results.

    The shop pays only for customers who have searched for green bicycles.

    How AdWords works in charity

    Exactly the same as in bicycles’ case. If someone searches for:

    children hearts fund’s bank details

    This means that there is a need to pay Google for the ability to make the fund’s website on top of the searching results. Some people want to buy bicycle, others want to help children. There is no difference if speaking about marketing.

    How to purchase bicycles

    Obviously, if you want to sell a thousand of green bicycles in a month using Google, at least a thousand people in this month must search for:

    green bicycle buy

    If there isn’t a thousand of search requests, there won’t be a thousand of sellings. The number of bicycles which is larger than the number of customers can’t be sold. The same is in charity. If a hundred of people in this month was searching for

    children hearts fund

    Only a hundred of people would go to this website. It’s impossible to get more out of this search request.

    How to sell more bicycles

    If you want to sell more bicycles, you will need more people to go to your website. To attract more people, the shop adds more search requests in its advert. The best thing is that people can search for green bicycles in a different way:

    green forward buy

    green bicycles prices

    green bicycle avito

    People made these search requests were looking for the same, but they used different words in their requests. If the shop finds out the maximum number of these requests and adds them up, it will be able to sell a thousand of bicycles.

    The shop can also purchase red, black and blue bicycles and sell more of them by adding new search requests.

    The same is in charity. Extend the number of search requests which a person will type if he wants to go to a fund website.

    children hearts charity

    kirill kirillov fund

    5channel help children

    help with a heart defect

    ekaterina bermant fund

    There is only one answer on all this requests – the fund’s website. If a non-profit organization collects the maximum number of these requests, it will be able to attract more people to its website.

    Here the main problem comes

    Even if the company collects every possible versions of requests about charity funds, almost always there are only few people on the website. If no one searches for the charity fund, no one will find it.

    The Google’s grant is useless for the small and medium-sized funds because no one searches for them.

    The right strategy of Ad Grants for a non-profit organization

    You need to develop “new territories” to get benefits from grant.

    I am going to explain the strategy using the case of customizing AdWords for the “Children hearts” fund, which specializes in help for children with heart diseases.

    Hot requests first

    Firstly, we have to attract people searching how to make a donation to the “Children hearts” fund particularly. These requests are the hottest.

    For example:

    money transfer to children hearts fund

    donate to children with heart defect

    7195 how to make a donation

    children hearts bank details

    Then we have to attract people who just are searching for the information about the fund but aren’t going to make a donation.

    The number of the requests is based o fund’s popularity. The most valuable visitors come to the website searching for these requests. These visitors will make donations on the website because this is exactly what they have been searching for.

    For example:

    children hearts fund

    children hearts cf

    children hearts’ website

    help kirill kirillov

    The number of such requests increases dramatically if a fund has a TV broadcast. A lot more people start searching for this fund in Internet and there will be resurgence of attendance.

    People will see such adverts while searching for the requests presented earlier:

    (картинка 1)

    There are always less hot requests than cold ones.

    Cover warm search requests

    After covering the “hottest” requests you should take over less valuable audience. These search requests are called “warm”. There are lots of them, and they provide to 70 % appropriate visitors to the website using Google Ad Grants.

    The warmest requests are about other funds helping the same children’s category, or if a person searches how to help children with heart diseases particularly.

    In this case search requests are:

    kind heart fund


    Help children with heart defect

    On this step there is a need to cover search requests about:

    1. All funds working with heart defects
    2. All foreign funds working with heart defects
    3. Names of heart diseases
    4. Names of charitable activities

    If you think carefully, you will find many groups of warm search requests.

    Previous adverts will be shown if someone is searching for these requests:


    There are a huge number of warm search requests than hot. On the other hand, it’s unlikely that people searching for these requests and visiting the fund’s website are ready to donate or become a volunteer.

    Requests connected with funds that don’t specialize in helping children with heart diseases are colder. For example:

    rusfund website

    line of life fund

    3242 help children

    donate to children

    In spite of the fact that “warm” search requests aren’t connected with “Children hearts” fund, people searching for the requests about charity and seeing the promoted fund won’t be annoyed with it.

    Cover cold requests

    When we have run out from warm search requests, it’s time for cold ones. These requests are somewhere near the charity topic. For example, some show business stars do the charity work in public, e.g.:

    konstantin khabensky

    chulpan khamatova

    It’s more likely that someone is searching for one of these people in the context of charity work.

    There is an endless number of cold search requests and with the right approach they can bring a lot of people on the website.

    How to work with warm and cold visitors

    If there is no problem with hot visitors because they have been searching for the fund and the ability to help it particularly, it doesn’t mean that it will work with warm and cold requests.

    People searched for “Rusfund” and appeared on the ‘Children hearts” website won’t do anything useful. Marketing nowadays allows us to save these visitors in the fund’s data base and get to know them later.

    We know exactly that the person searching for the cold request and visiting website is thinking about charity. Our task is to help him find the answer to his question, and then he will help us.

    How the pattern of working with warm and cold clients looks like:

    1. Person searches for something about charity
    2. Person visits the fund’s website
    3. Leaves the website without doing anything “helpful”
    4. This visit is saved in fund’s data base
    5. When there is a need the fund appeals to the visitor.

    It’s better to combine Google Ad Grants and advertising in social networks. With the help of the re-targeting technologies we can show the advert in VKontakte only to people visited our website.

    For example, the fund organizes a charity race. Then, using the saved visitors’ data base, we can show the advert of the race in Vkontakte only for the people who were on our website. This advert in social network will be very effective, because it’s shown only for people searched the information about charity in Google.

    I use the Ad Grants advert as a filter which only lands people who are interested in charity to begin a dialog later.

    To summarize: why this strategy works

    All ideas mentioned here work because no one searches for 99% of the funds. If a non-profit organization focuses only on the hot search requests, the resources invested in launching Google AdWords will be paid off in a long period of time.

    The strategy works because the number of people who have known about the fund for the first time increases significantly and the fund’s money isn’t used.

    To make it more clearly, look at these numbers:

    1. Hot visitors – about 400 in a month
    2. Warm visitors – about 15,000 in a month
    3. Cold search requests – more than 40,000 in a month

    The biggest part of these visitors is from VKontakte, Facebook and other social networks. These people are interested in charity and you have to get to know them, build a dialog to get their trust and begin a partnership.

    There is nothing “bad” in it

    Non-profit organizations use this strategy for a long time. But they pay for hot, warm and cold visitors. Have you ever mentioned that if you are searching for the cats’ carrying, then these goods will be following you through the Internet? Moreover:

    1. It’s not abandoned by the adverts’ law
      All “bad” adverts are described clearly in the adverts’ law. These strategies aren’t abandoned, and therefore, are allowed.
    2. It’s not abandoned by the Google’s rules
      Every advert is being moderated before being shown to people. If it doesn’t conform the rules, it won’t be permitted. All “bad” methods and unfair competition is cut down in this step. So, if your advert isn’t being permitted, there are certain reasons.

    It’s bad to get a grant and don’t use it with the maximum benefits for the industry.

    What else you need to know

    The strategy described by me is looks like this because of the limits that non-profit organizations have. If I had opportunities as profit projects had, the strategy would be different.

    Also read the article about 16 rules of working with Google’s grant in case not to get your grant blocked because of the incorrect moves.

    If you want to get help with the grant’s development, contact us.

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